Employer Support

Need help choosing the right candidate? At CVpal Corporate Services we understand that in busy environments the focus on the procedures associated with recruitment can be secondary to running the day to day business. Worryingly, this approach is how low retention and issues associated with the cost of recruitment impact your business.

Our Corporate Service Team will solve this. We are able to spend time with you to understand the exact needs you have and build job specifications and directed employment campaigns associated to these requirements. Once we have been able to identify the key motivational factors and behavioural traits that fit your organisation we can immediately discard over 75% of applications, allowing you to only focus on individuals who are the "right fit" for your organisation.

A unique service, 100% tailored and personal to your business. This is why our clients keep returning to CVpal Corporate Services.

Psychometric Testing

Do you need to know how your team operates? Who would suit promotion? What behavioural characteristics match your organisation and lead to high performance? What makes a good and also a bad new recruit? Contact CVpal Corporate Services to find out how our team can help you.

In today's ever changing and highly competitive employment market more and more companies are using differing psychometric testing to manage applications and interview situations. The key question an employer must ask themselves during the process of recruiting is not only what skills and experience the candidate needs, but also what kind of behavioural factors are required for the role. The solution to this question is the Psychometric Testing of candidates in correlation with the job specification and understanding what “success” looks like. This immediately leads to a successful placement and also a dramatic increase in retention rates and employee satisfaction.

Psychometric Testing recognises the importance of aligning people and teams with business strategy. It allows the employer to identify both the behavioural characteristics of an individual and the ideal behavioural requirements of the role.

At CVpal we have a team of qualified psychometric practitioners who are able to provide this service for the potential employer.

CVpal Employer Support

Prices are subject to the project requirements. Please contact us to discuss your needs.