How to let an employer know you really want the job in an interview

Below are 5 hints and tips to ensure an employer really knows that you want the job:

Research the company

With so much information available online, this is easier than it used to be. Take some time to review the company website, search for existing employees’ LinkedIn profiles, and take the time to follow and study their social media channels.

Through proper research you will be able to get real idea of the values and culture of the organisation, so you can then reflect that knowledge during the interview. In doing this, you are demonstrating to the interviewer that you have made a real effort to do thorough research, and therefore must be interested in the role.

Practice, practice and practice some more

Consider some of the key interview questions you may be asked and prepare some answers that you may like to give. What are the most common interview questions for this particular role and sector? Do you have an idea of how you would answer these?

Study the job-specification and cross reference it with your CV. Are there projects, specific training courses or examples from your previous jobs that are particularly relevant? Have clear details of these that you are prepared to talk about.

Practice your answers out loud at home beforehand and, if you can, have someone listen and give you feedback.

Ask questions

The interview itself is a great opportunity to learn more about the role and get a feel for the company. 

Ask about the measurements of success and the tools you will have at your disposal to ensure you will exceed expectations. You may also learn something interesting about the organisational culture from these questions.

Remember to ask the interviewer for details of their background as this will help build your rapport with them and show your people skills.

Non-verbal communication

A smile, eye contact, a good handshake and control of your hands while speaking all contribute to transmitting your enthusiasm to add value in the company. Demonstrating your passion will certainly give you a competitive edge over the other candidates and provide you with the best possible chance of starting work in your dream job.

Your final pitch

Once the question and answer segment is over, but before you leave the room, think about giving a one or two minute “pitch” which wraps up why you’re so interested in this role specifically. This is your last chance to make an impression, so be clear and precise – this may well be how the interview panel remembers you. Make it good. Again, it may be sensible to practice this at home.