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Are you looking for the perfect job? It can be tough to stand out from the crowd, so it’s vital to make sure that your CV showcases your achievements and gets you noticed. Your CV is your employers’ first impression of you, so every word needs to count.

Your CV is your employers’ first impression of you, so every word needs to count.

If you need an interview-winning CV that will make the best possible first impression, contact CVpal today. We offer professional CV and cover letter writing in Milton Keynes and are proud to maintain a 95% success rate from CV to interview. 

Getting CVpal to transform your CV into a document that really makes a statement could be the best investment you ever make for your future career.

Top tips on creating a winning CV

  1. Make a great first impression. 
    Your CV should start with an impressive statement about you and your key experience and achievements. If your future employer is impressed by the first few lines, they are far more likely to read on.
  2. Adapt your CV for each role. 
    Read the person specification carefully and target your CV to the experience needed for each new role you apply for.
  3. Keep your CV short. 
    A good CV should be 2 pages maximum, so you need to get your work experience, achievements, qualifications, training and interests over quickly. Avoid jargon and use positive, active language throughout.
  4. What’s your USP? 
    If you have any particular skills or experience that separates you from your competitors, make sure that this comes across loud and clear in your CV. This will help to ensure that you can go straight to the front of the interview queue.
  5. Spell check – and then check again. 
    Spelling or grammatical errors are one of the most common reasons why CVs are rejected. Check the whole document carefully for errors and give it to friends or family to proof read, too.

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Writing a personal profile

This is a short paragraph at the top of your CV which focuses on explaining how you meet the criteria specified for the role. This is your opportunity to make sure that your key skills and experience are matched to the person specification, so that your future employer can see that you are perfectly suited to the role. You should use positive language and keep it succinct. You need to keep the tone professional but don’t be afraid to show enthusiasm – a little passion can go a long way.

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