CV Writing in Hemel Hempstead

Looking for your dream job? Your most powerful tool is your CV and your job-hunting priority should be to make sure that your CV stands out from the crowd. First impressions count, and with strong competition from a saturated recruitment market, your CV is a golden opportunity to make a statement.

Make sure that your CV stands out from the crowd and gives a great first impression...

CVpal offers a professional CV writing service in Hemel Hempstead with a 95% success rate from CV through to interview. Our CV writers will transform your CV into a winning document that gets you noticed and into your dream job. 

We will review your CV free of charge and give you a professional appraisal of its strengths and weaknesses, and tell you how it can be improved. Get in touch for a free CV review today.

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CVpal’s top tips on how to write a great CV

These CV writing tips are designed to help you edit and review your current CV and put you in the very best position to go straight to the front of the queue.

  1. Tailor your CV to the job you want.
    Start your CV with a personal statement that shows off your key strengths and achievements and is targeted to each role, using keywords that appear in the person specification.
  2. Keep it simple.
    Use clear, assertive and positive language and stay jargon-free. CVs should be kept to 2 pages and should get across the key information that your prospective employers want to see in a succinct manner.
  3. Don’t be shy.
    Your CV is your one chance to showcase your achievements, so shout these from the rooftops. Achievements should be tangible and should show how you’ve exceeded targets or achieved objectives.
  4. Proof read carefully.
    Make sure that your CV is written to a good standard of English and doesn’t contain any spelling or grammatical errors. There’s nothing more likely to make an employer dismiss your CV than a sloppy approach.
  5. Volunteering and skills.
    If you haven’t gained a lot of work experience then don’t worry. Any volunteering experience or particular skills such as languages or IT skills is relevant and will help your CV to stand out from the crowd.

Creating a winning cover letter

Your cover letter is your opportunity to introduce yourself and your CV. This might be the first document that your employer reads before moving onto your CV, so you need to attract attention from the first paragraph. Make sure that you have a name to address the letter to, as a more personal approach always works. 

Outline your key skills and experience that is relevant to the role

Outline your key skills and experience that is relevant to the role, but remember that a cover letter should be brief. Its role is simply to introduce yourself and make your prospective employer want to find out more about you from your CV.