The dangers of handing over a poorly written CV to a recruiter

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Having spent the last couple of days meeting with engineering professionals at two job fairs, one thing that is very clear is that handing over a poorly written CV which doesn’t show you in the best light can be as dangerous as not having a CV at all. 

Very few recruiting managers will tell you that you have a bad CV, they will just smile, say thank you and then drop it into the no pile as soon as your back is turned. Not receiving a response from an online application can be immensely frustrating and leads to questions of ‘what do I not have’ or just a simple ‘why?!’, but not hearing back when you have spent time speaking face to face with someone can be infinitely worse.

It is essential to make sure your CV represents you in the best possible way and to ensure it provides hiring managers a reason to remember you – they will have spoken to a high number of people during the day, so the CV is the only tool you have to make sure they come back to you. 

It is important to remember 3 key rules when handing over your document to recruiters on-site:

1 – Does this CV represent me in the best way possible?

2 – Do I have all of my key skills and achievements down on my CV?

3 – Do I have up to date contact information on the CV (surprisingly more common than you would think!)

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